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Debi Graham Music: NEWS

We are back for a bit!! - September 26, 2005

So L.A. rocks but we went broke and really got sick of flying back and forth on those bastard buddy passes!! ANYWAY, guess who else is moving back this way......... NOPE, not The Used... YUP.. you guessed it: SCARRY LARRY MARTINEZ. That's right skippy, we've got a bass player again, starting in November. Come catch the old school power trio!

- Debi

Traveling Difficulties - September 21, 2005

Hey Everyone

We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused the venues and our fans. We had to juggle some dates around last minute, so there were some cancellations in the schedule. Debi and Maria flew into SLC on buddy passes for the short tour and were planning on flying back to L.A. for the week's worth of shows. After, they were planning on flying back to play shows in SLC and So. Utah. However, they couldn't get on flights as we had hoped so we had to cancel several L.A. shows. In order to alleviate this ordeal again we had requested them to drive back for the next round unfortunately having to cancel the all age show in SLC.

Hope that makes some sort of random sense. Thanks for the support.


Lucinda Williams - September 8, 2005

We have just been confirmed to open for Lucinda Williams this Wednesday at Kingsbury Hall. We are extatic! Personally I'm a huge fan and if you don't know who she is... you'd better take the time to find out
Check out UPCOMING SHOWS link for ticket info and further details.

See you soon,

BEST FEMALE VOCALS - August 28, 2005

Debi has received the "Best Female Vocals" Slammy from Salt Lake City Weekly again. We wanted to Thank everyone for taking the time to vote and for all the consecutive years of support.

THANK YOU from all those involved with Sanusine

Miss the Salty matey's of the SLC. - August 19, 2005

L.A. weather kicks ass and the ocean is beautiful but I can't help but miss my homies of the Salty Lake. I'm really excited to come back and rock with such an awesome line-up of ladies at Mo's. Good Times, good friends and wicked talent....
Just want to make a shout out to all my buddies and musician palies. Anyway see you soon and myspace rocks. I think all of you now have your own little site. If you don't have one then get one and talk to us at

P.S. I want to pack up my squad and ship them out to L.A. with us. We miss the 3.2% Nattie (...well maybe not so much), the irreverent jokes, the doggie droul, the SLCPD breakin' things up, the jam sessions, the kiddie pool, and the obnoxious beat boxing parties with the porch monkey attitude!!!

sincerely yours,

L.A.'rama!!!! - August 2, 2005

Hey hey hey....headin' out to L.A.!! SEE YA SUCKA'S LATA'!! ;) We'll be back in the SLC at the end of Aug. Check out our 'Calendar Dates' for more info! For all of our new homies in the City of Angels, come and kick it with us!! We'll be there for a while!! Thanks to all of our friends for your continued support! See ya soon!!

Traveling Carnival - July 12, 2005

We thought the Summer tours couldn’t get crazier but at last… they do! Next time you catch Debi or Maria at a show make sure you have them tell you a little story about Portland.

Any who… the band is hanging out in the Northwest playing shows and working on some new stuff with Mr. Dad, Larry, who had a fuzzy miniature version of him last week.
Give Larry a shout out to congratulate him at

We had a wonderful new write up when they played in L.A. check it out on the Press page.

Lots of shows coming your way whether it’s home in Salt Lake or back to see you fine folks on the Coast, hope to see you out.


Woa San Fran... - July 5, 2005

Well, San Fran was great! Kerry got punched in the eyeballs, has a crooked nose, I got sucker punched in the forehead and in the arm, Annie broke a bottle over some guys head, Little D's brownie was poisonous and Maria and Red had Vomaria all the way home. Yippie. Good Times yo, good times.
We are now heading out to Idaho and Portland to rock and roll with hopefully less retarded circumstances. See all you Salt Lakers at the Plan B Benefit when we get home.


San Francisco - June 23, 2005

Heading out again to San Fran. Loadin' up the van with all the homies. Good times, hope to see some familiar faces!! - Deb

Jeba's California Tour - June 8, 2005

Well there have been a few bad sunburns and only one minor incident but the tour has been nothing short of fantastic.

We wanted to say Thanks to all the new friends we’ve met along the way and for all the new supporters we’ve gained. The response has been so amazing and we really appreciate all the encouragement and praises.

Stay tuned for some new pics that we have and we’re excited to make another round in late June to see all you fine folks in the Bay Area. Thanks to all the supportive venues Union Street Festival, Tongue and Grooves, Time Out and all the others that are on our way.

THANKS!! - May 12, 2005

We just wanted to take a moment to thank the Salty Frogs for coming out and playing with us at Modiggity's last weekend. A special thanks to Bronwen for joining us on stage for a couple of songs, it made for an unforgettable performance. If you thought that show was amazing make sure to join us at San Francisco Pride June 25th, where yet again Bronwen will be lending her talent to our set! This will be a show that CAN'T be missed! Make your hotel reservations now and hopefully we will see you there!


For our friends in the Northwest we are making our way to a town near you this July. We have just added our first date to our Upcoming Shows section. We will be adding more dates soon, so be sure to check back often.


VegFest - April 24, 2005

Hey everyone, just wanted to say thanks for coming out and supporting the cause at VegFest 2005. We had a great time playing and everyone was so great. I ate about three tons of that "meatless" jerky, yummy.
Be sure to come kick it with us May 7th at MoDiggity's with the Celtic Punk band SALTY FROGS!!! 21+

CA TOUR DATES COMING SOON!! - April 15, 2005

Yet again, we are loading up the van and stockpiling our road trip snack foods for another tour. At the end of May we take off for a tour through California, this time making a stop in San Francisco to play the Union Street Festival. The dates are coming together and will be posted on the website soon, so check back often. If you live in sunny California chances are we will be coming to a city near you, so be sure to come out and say hello!


I Miss the beach!! - March 25, 2005

We are finally back from San Diego and I miss the beach already. Thanks to everyone we met and hung out with down there. A big thanks to the folks at Chaser's, The Hard Rock, and of course the Tiki House. And finally a special thanks to the staff at CMN Events! For those of you in Salt Lake don't forget to come hang out May 7th at MoDig's!! Thanks again to everyone that checked us out in San Diego, we will be back soon!


Sunny San Diego - March 21, 2005

We're livin' it up in San D. It's beautiful here. The show last night at the Anheiser Busch Convention after party was great. If you haven't heard of Kinky you simply must check them out. Anyway, we're headin' to Chasers tonight and will keep everyone updated on any new happenings as we go...


NEW DATES ADDED!!! - March 9, 2005

It is time for us to pack our bags and head to San Diego. Check our Upcoming Shows section for more details. For those of you in Southern Utah make sure to check us out March 18th at the One and Only*!


*A Private Club for Members.

Tegan and Sara !!!CANCELLED!!! - February 28, 2005


Thank you so much! - February 18, 2005

We just wanted to Thank everyone who voted for us as the Best Local Band in the Salt Lake Metro. Thank you for the support.


Margaret Cho is still coming just a bit later than previously thought!!! - February 16, 2005

Margaret Cho is coming to Mo Diggity's on April 22nd. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!! Get them in advance for cheaper at Mo Digs 3424 So. State St. 801 832 9000

I'll see you there!!!!


Tour taking abrupt hault due to CAR ACCIDENT!!!! - February 11, 2005

THE LAST TWO SHOWS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO A CAR ACCIDENT IN RIVERSIDE. Some dumb kid ran a red light and totalled the Rover. We are all okay, so far but ... Larry is flying back to portland and we're getting a rental and driving back to Utah. SORRY EVERYONE who was planning on heading out to Matteo's or the Electric Theatre.

We'll up date you further as to the haps.


WARNING - February 7, 2005

Be sure to check all BATTERY OPERATED DEVICES before use. ****Battery acid may be hazardous to your health****

Thanks Everyone - February 1, 2005

DV8 was Good Times. Thanks for coming. It's so much more fun rockin' out to our good buddies, Dinah & Co., Trace and Sue, Len, Shalee and Tyler, Erica and last but never least... the infamous Squad! We love you guys, thanks for your support!!
And I hear some of you are going to see us on tour as well. Hell yeah!!

- Deb

DV8 and a Brand New Song - - January 26, 2005

Come kick it this friday at Club DV8 (21+) for our last show before our tour. Get ready for a never before live performance of our newest song!!!! Check out our UPCOMING SHOWS page for more details (address, time etc...) See you there.

- DEBI :)

Urban Lounge with Starmy and Details of Speech - January 25, 2005

Thanks everyone for coming and rockin' out with us last friday. Details of Speech was awesome and Starmy rocked ass as always! Stay posted for upcoming shows!!!
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