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Debi Graham Music: NEWS

Torrey Utah Shows - July 31, 2016

We will be performing at the Saddlery Friday (Aug. 12th) night and Saturday evening at our favorite festival: REDROCK WOMEN'S FEST. in Torrey Utah!  Come support women in rock!!

RED ROCK WOMEN'S FESTIVAL 2012 - August 15, 2012

The RED ROCK WOMEN'S FESTIVAL was the best one yet!! It was packed and the lineup was fantastic! What an exceptional group of people to bring together such fabulous independent artists!! Thank you Jeri, Carol, Laurie and Lu for supporting the independent industry and especially for including us in your wonderful celebration of women! Visit for more information about the Red Rock Women's Festival.  



Group photo by Heather Franck 2012



RED ROCK WOMEN'S FESTIVAL 2009 - August 7, 2009


LAHPAH FESTIVAL 2009 - August 6, 2009

Come support wasatch united front non-profit benefit supporting homeless youth at the open amphitheater of the GALLIVAN CENTER in the heart of Salt Lake City. $8 with advanced tickets purchased, $10 at the gate.



)))))PICK UP THE LATEST ALBUM NOW((((( - January 1, 2008

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting the NEW ALBUM "Bulb Studio - the live sessions"

Women's RedRock Music Festival - March 15, 2007

Utah's own Swerve is putting on a Women's Festival to shake down Capitol Reef! Debi and Maria will be performing two nights in a row!! Join us for the 1st Annual Swerve RedRock Women's Music Festival August 17-18, 2007!!! Tickets go on sale soon so be sure to get one now as seating is limited!!!

For more information please visit:

Salt Lake City Weekly Article - November 16, 2006

Going the Distance
SLC’s Debi Graham Band get back to basics (and fun) with the new Bulb Studio.
by Tom Martinez
It’s easy to compare Salt Lake City folk-punk singer-guitarist Debi Graham to alt-folk darling Ani DiFranco—but apparently, that’s the wrong starting point.

“As a small child, I was always singing around the house and making up silly songs and fighting with my older sister about who gets to pretend to be Madonna,” Graham laughs. “But the real ignition was from an invitation to play in a band at 17. From there, I started writing my own stuff.”

Backed by the one-two punch of Larry Martinez (bass) and Maria Galiano (drums), in the past year, she’s opened for names like Ruben Blades and Fiona Apple (which you may have missed: “I don’t think they did a ton of marketing, but regardless, it was still fun to play”). She’s also performed on the main stage at the San Francisco Pride Day parade. She downplays the events: “It was pretty mellow. I had no interest in doing music this year at all.”

Graham was planning on going back to college until 2006 started off with a glowing review in Curve magazine. She jokes that when she thought of stopping musically, other forces seemed to work in her favor. “It’s always the case, isn’t it? Things just started coming together. Music just started happening.”

For the past few years, most of the Debi Graham Band’s time has been spent touring in support of their 2003 debut CD Anesthesia—a solid release, if not necessarily Graham’s favorite in retrospect. “That was a selfish album,” she says. “I was being a brat and wanted to put out an album more for myself than for the band.”

The band’s long-awaited new follow-up, Bulb Studio (, is an entirely different animal. “A lot of it is just newer stuff that we’ve been playing onstage, including the band version of ‘Mercury.’ I’ve even had people come up and tell me, ‘Your first album doesn’t sound like what you sound like live.’ [Bulb Studio] was a collaboration. It’s our vibes; the way we sound live. It’s raw, not overproduced. A lot of the stuff we did in one take.”

Most of the recording was done in Portland, Ore., and Graham believes the locale helped the easygoing vibe of the album. “We had a lot of fun recording up there, a good time,” she says, noting that you may hear the band laughing in the background between takes. “We picked up a couple of beers, smoked a few cigarettes and recorded. It’s just real.”

Even so, the band’s strength has always been performing live; Graham’s voice is sweet and inviting one moment, then raging in punk fervor in the next, all the while furiously strumming. It’s a passionate style that’s won her a core of loyal fans, with new ones coming onboard with every show. “When I’m onstage, and I’m feeding the vibe of the crowd, I get into that,” Graham admits. “Or, if the crowd sees how I’m really into this song, they can get into that, and it makes it so much fun to perform.” Touring and selling Bulb Studio is Job 1.

“We’ll do some national radio promotion starting in January, a little tour here, a little tour there,” Graham says, adding with a laugh, “The delicate ceremony of selling our souls to Lucifer.”


Friends!! We are very excited to announce that we will be performing with Fiona Apple on Oct 25th!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Check out the UPCOMING SHOWS link for more info!!!

Mo'Diggity's Anniversary Celebration - September 27, 2006

A SHOW YOU CAN'T MISS!!!! This is going to be a great event! Come celebrate Mo'Diggity's anniversary with all of us on Sat. Oct 21st starting at 9 pm! Check out the great lineup:



Live webcast TONIGHT (8:00pm)... Sept. 15th. - September 15, 2006

ACTUAL Curve Magazine Article - August 5, 2006

Curve Magazine (July/August Issue) 2006 "THE MUSIC ISSUE"

Article by Jennifer Corday
"Beehive State Babe"
(Former Mormon Debi Graham funnels anger in to passion with her Salt Lake City band)

Groovy, sexy, cool. Aggressive acoustic rocker Debi Graham is creating a smooth underground buzz in Salt Lake City, breaking the conventional molds of this largely conservative Mormon town. Currently involved in several projects - including the promotion of four national compilations that feature her music, and writing a movie score - Graham is touring this summer with her band to support her upcoming live release.

(CURVE) Your drummer, Maria Galiano, totally rocks, and I understand she's your girl-friend. What came first, the relationship or the band?

(Debi) She is phenomenal! She's been playing since she was 11. Both of us had extreme respect for one another on a musical level, but we actually really hated each other at first. After we were in the band together, we started to get along and we became best friends. It's so important for me to be with someone [who] has passion for something, so to be with someone that is also passionate about music is awesome. We've only been dating for a couple of months. We made a vow that if it doesn't work out we will stay together as band mates.

(CURVE) You have amazing skill on the acoustic. You've been compared to Ani Difranco.
Where did you learn to play?

(Debi) My mom bought me a pawnshop guitar when I was 11. I took one lesson, but ... I think it's better to learn on you own, to put your own personal rhythm into the strumming of the guitar. If somebody teaches you, they are teaching you their rhythm.

(CURVE) So when did you start playing with a band?

(Debi) I joined a band when I was 18, in St. George, Utah, a tiny little Mormon town an hour and a half east of Vegas. But when I moved to the big city, I realized I wanted to do something bigger. I had a lot of anger I wanted to get out. I was on my own personal soul quest.

(CURVE) Tell me about that.

(Debi) Well, I was going through a lot. You get baptized when you're 8 years old, when you have no idea what the hell you're doing. And if you don't live by [the church's] rules they excommunicate you. I didn't really know what was up until I moved to a bigger city. Once I was away from that small town, when I wasn't in their grips anymore, I realized I was an adult. And I realized I had a lot to say.

(CURVE) What's the gay scene like in Utah?

(Debi) Well, there isn't a huge one here, there are only two lesbian bars and we have a residency at one of them. But the lesbian community is really, really loyal; they are great, and it's pretty impressive. The LDS [Latter Day Saints] don't drink or smoke, so they don't go to the bars to support local music. And whenever you have that type of oppression, you have a 180-degree backlash. So we all stick together in a way that I haven't experienced in other cities, like [Los Angeles]. The lesbian community is pretty tight. Here, everybody knows every single person. When I go to the local bar, people just want to drink some beer, have a good time. In L.A., people seem more focused on trying to hook up.

CURVE MAGAZINE - August 4, 2006

Hello friends of The DGB!!

We are featured in the July/August issue of Curve Magazine in thier music year in review segment, so be sure to pick one up!!

Look for us in thier list of favorite musicians at thier myspace site, click the link below:

Curve Magazine On MySpace

See you soon!

ON T.V. CHANNEL 2 KUTV SLC,UT - July 27, 2006

We will be playing live Tuesday August 1st on channel 2 NEWS to promote the PARK CITY KIMBALL ARTS FESTIVAL!! If you are an early riser, be sure to tune in from 6:00AM to 9:00AM!!

Be sure to check us out live at the Park City Arts Festival AS WELL 8/05/06 from 3:30-4:30PM at the end of main!! The Arts Fest. runs from August 4th - 6th.

Snowbird show!! - July 24, 2006

Thanks for coming everyone, and makin' the long trek!!!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Utah Paddle Festival - May 16, 2006

We are playing at the Ninth Annual Utah Rivers Council Paddle Festival on Sat. May 20th at 2pm but the festival is on until the evening of May 21st with a whole list of other live musicians.

It is a fundraiser to help maintain all of Utah's rivers. Cost for entry to the Festival is $10 for adults and $6 for children ages 6-12, with children under 6 free... this fee pays for you to learn how to paddle a kayak, cast a fly rod for fly fishing, sail and much more.

For all the details and a map and directions check out thier link:


IT'S COMING...... - March 23, 2006

Stay tuned for more details!!!

In the meantime, come check out our up coming shows. DGB will playing one or two new songs that will definately keep you rock'n!!!


!!!HELLO FRIENDS!!! - February 28, 2006

Have you checked out the CALENDAR DATES section? aaaaahhh yeah!!!! Come have a good time with us!!! WE REALLY APPRECIATE ALL OF YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT OVER THE YEARS!! Check back often to see the release date for the NEW album!!!! yes!


Goodbye cruel world... - January 13, 2006

We lost and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone's support through out the years before I drill this industrial sized bit into the soft welcoming skin of my right temple.

Maria and Larry also want to thank you for showing how much you love us for coming to our shows so often, spending your hard earned money to hear the same songs for five years and for even showing up on weeknights when you have to get up early the next morning. Maria just left. She is on her way to leap to her bloody death from the top of the Qwest building and Larry said he is taking a hack saw to his left arm. He said, "I will never play again."

Goodby and we love you all.

SYKE!!! NOTHING WILL EVER STOP US!! NOT LOSING A SILLY COMPETITION OR A GUITAR!! oh... speaking of which... I'm looking to buy a good and really really inexpensive guitar... anyone selling one??? I'm sort of screwed right now.

Come see us at Mo Diggity's on the 21st, yo!
(3424 S. State, SLC, UT)

buh bye

the Debi Graham Band singer lady person

SXSW Semi-finals - January 9, 2006

Okay folks... We will be competing at the South by Southwest Semi-finals at EXACTLY 10 PM at the Urban Lounge this Wednesday (Jan 11th)... So PLEASE come and support us by screaming and voting!!! $ 5 bucks, 21+


WE WON!!! - January 8, 2006

YES!!! WE MADE IT PAST THE PRE-LIMS!!!! Thank you to everyone that came to vote for us and especially our good friends and those who traveled the distance. We love you guys so much!!! We play another round on wednesday! We'll let you know as soon as we get the details!!


SXSW - January 1, 2006

This is the Debi Graham Band's first attempt at rockin' the SXSW Salt Lake CIty Weekly competition. We will be needing some serious hootin' and hollerin'!!! Come support us at The Cabana Club ( 31 E. 400 S. ) downtown Salt Lake City on Saturday Januarty 7th at exactly midnight... so, technically it's on the 8th. SEE YOU THERE!!!

New Year's @ Mo Dig's - December 19, 2005

We will be rockin' down the house with our favorite DJ "TESA JAMES" on New Year's at Mo Diggity's. Come count down to 2006 with us!!

(801) 832 9000
*Mo Dig's is a private club for members* 21+

Holy Shmoly, Dig's Party Review!! - November 28, 2005

Okay Ladies and Gents. It really was supposed to go on for at least another 45 min. but because people (Dig and Jim to name just a couple) kept insisting that it was a party NOT a job by catering shot-after-frickin' shot to the band we had to head out a bit early. Nice to know I am not Janis Joplin with her ability to hold down the southern comfort and still sing on key... WOA. GOOD TIMES!!!!! GOOD TIMES INDEED!!

Brewski's rocks!!! - November 7, 2005

We had such an awesome time in O-Town with our Ogden buddies!! Thanks for coming everyone and thanks to Brewski's for having us yet again. Good Times, as always!
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