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Debi Graham Music: REVIEWS

"Oh you like folk? I got a swirling Debi Graham that sucks you into a dark whirlpool that Ani Difranco would chuck her whole catalog into if she ever heard it."

There is a music scene in Salt Lake City and Debi Graham is the town's reigning acoustic guitar slinging chanteuse. Graham shreds the acoustic and picks with alacrity and it calls to mind Tenacious D, of course without the beard, pounds, jokes and Satan worship. The anarcho-feminist singer Ani DiFranco is the nearest performer she compares to, yet DiFranco has always been so hard to listen to and so determined to release quantity over quality that it's an unfair comparison. These songs call to mind the Pacific northwest's politically minded folk troubadours and not the Mormonized snowboarding cineastes of all things Utah. My problem is that a woman playing rock on an acoustic sounds similar to others who've done the same, so if I say Graham sounds a little like Alanis reworking her Jagged album, or Indigo Girls, it's through ignorance alone that I cite those artists, as in, it all sounds largely similar to me. Hard to say if this is rock or indie or mainstream or eclectic or folk or jazz or what. The main difference would be Graham's ripping voice which is ripe with personality and slides up into anthem mode or down into accusatory squeal with ease.

"Graham has the chops and the confidence to woo the crowd with a sure-of-herself swagger that is as alluring as it is intimidating. This is a raven-haired woman who was born to be on stage, with rock star looks and the skills to back them up!� [Muse Music] struggled to keep the paint on the walls last Friday when she took the stage. Debi Graham is proof that the big bang is a reality, and the explosion is imminent."

Vegor Pedersen - The College Times

"With a reputation for riveting live performance, a critically acclaimed release, sponsorships and a clean sweep at the 2004 Salt Lake Slammy Awards, this ensemble is headed for nothing short of stardom."

Martha Carter - Globe Link-Entertainment

"How many times over the years have we told you that Debi Graham Band is a hot live act to catch? And have we ever been wrong?"

Music Picks - Salt Lake City Weekly

Debi Graham "Best Solo Performance 2002" Debi Graham Band "BAND OF THE YEAR 2004" Debi Graham "Best Female Vocalist 2004"

SLAMMY'S - Salt Lake City Weekly

"Best Local Band" Debi Graham Band Singer/songwriter Debi Graham has certainly been making a name for herself in her home city. An unsigned indie group, the Debi Graham Band has opened for acts such as Berlin and Linda Perry (of 4 Non Blondes). The group frequently plays all over Utah, so if you haven’t had the distinct pleasure of a Graham Band show, make it a point to check them out.

"Don't miss miss Graham's power percussive performance."

Park Record

"The Debi Graham Band alone makes the show, joined by fellow female Utah singer-songwriters it's four times better. Each woman has made a mark both locally and nationally. They have been featured on movie soundtracks, various television and radio programs, toured the country, and opened for and played with national and international acts. This is a show not to be missed."

Music Picks - Salt Lake City Weekly

"With experience in other regions of the country, Debi Graham has created a buzz in Utah with her powerful trio."

Portland Mercury

"The Debi Graham Band performs at the Salt Palace, one of the venues for First Night activities, expected to attract as many as 50,000 people."

Geoffrey Fattah and Nancy Perkins - Deseret Morning News

" [Graham] a little darker and more punk than ever before! For being independent and not having a record label backing, it's been phenomenal.

Lisa Grady - The Spectrum Newspaper

"With technically impressive guitar licks and dynamic vocal tricks, no bull, just the music."

Bill Frost - Salt Lake City Weekly

"Alternative acoustic-guitar powered folk rock with nasty, discontented female vocals. A jaw dropping, stripped-down, passionate trip."


"With it's sultry to explosive vocals, intense percussive dynamics and full throttle solid funk groove this music can hardly be categorized just as agro acoustic rock. Intriguing! Potent! Raw! Laconic!


"These alternative rockers produce aggressive, up beat, solid original music."

The Idaho Statesman

"Musicians local and national talk the talk of doing their own thing and refusing to conform to preconceived notions of "marketable" music but Salt Lake singer-songwriter Debi Graham walks the walk with a determined swagger that's seductively intimidating. Her power-percussive acoustic guitar and full-throttle vocals may start at Ani DiFranco, but Graham's full-length debut being released, Anesthesia, proves she has her own bag of tricks. It's folk, it's rock, it's light, it's dark, it's Graham's sensual-to-shattering declarations all over the damn place. With her Full Band behind her, she's unstoppable."

Bill Frost - Salt Lake City Weekly

"Her soulful voice, jazzy, funky, bluesy and sometimes rock-based songwriting is enough to raise plenty of appreciative eyebrows, but it's her fast-as-hell strumming and picking- both flawless and emotional- that really makes your jaw drop."

Rebecca Vernon - SLUG Magazine

"...[Debi's] always been a good lyricist, but the poetry on Anesthesia demonstrates enormous amount of maturity - the street's smart wisdom of what some would call an "old soul." Her chronological age belies her way with words, her gift for turning a phrase and her frank self-examination and introspection have given her a grasp of human nature that one associates with Joni Mitchell, or Tori Amos. And this is to say nothing of her singing voice. She navigates her range with amazing power and control - Debi can take it from a husk and growl to the pure and ethereal in matter of measures. Hers is an instrument without limitations of any kind - I can only marvel at her potential she has a songwriter and singer."

Kevin Jones - Independent Newspaper

"Not many local artists share recording rights with a former Panamanian presidential nominee. Debi Graham is the only Salt Lake performer included on Concepts, an eclectic compilation released by Papa Egora political party founder/Hollywood actor/singer Ruben Blades. Her achievement rounds off a year spent writing a movie score, filming a video, appearing on Death By Salt and Amp 6Pack, and touring in support of Anesthesia. Graham and her full band (Maria Galiano, Larry Martinez) also snagged a couple 2004 SLAMMYs, earning them a spot among Utah�s cultural elite. Now they�re back in the studio preparing to win over the rest of the world."

Jamie Gadette - Salt Lake City Weekly