1. Mercury

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Touch down on mercury. Mars and Venus are old. Vivian (leigh) and I agree, it was only fools gold. Judy garland and Frances Gumm kept changing their minds, but Mercury still bares her young is there gold her to find?

Desert maids devour the rain with magical power with a Cheshire grin that fades to moon.

Star date thirteen: life forms viciously sweet, through eyes they feed on raw spirit meat.
Scorpion to Houston we've an emergency cause we've been taken captive here on Mercury, where our waters and their winds converse in hurricanes of quiet violent thirst.

I'll sacrifice mine, I'll go on and push them aside, cause everyone here wants to taste your hide and things change as quickly as they arrive.

They said we'd better choose a side so we escaped to Aphelion where Morrissey and Difranco reside in their shameless nameless rebellion. Quicksilver mercury has lost its worth oh but since we've seen it all we can't return to earth.

Neverwhere chapter nine in between the thirteenth and the fifteenth line, oh I could sure use door right about now. Perihelion creatures are well overdone. Enticings soon turn to predictable puns.

Scorpion to Houston we've escaped captivity. We simply opened up our eyes, realized turned away with wings. They screamed, What side are you on? By God you must know! You stumble on a crooked line! Open mind only makes you slow!

But I've got mind control. Operation in full. Armed in quick defenses I can sense their insecurities. What they're trying to hide escapes from the inside in silent screams.

Steve says he knows a place that can take me away. Vivian has joined their race, the fish made her mutate. Forever stuck inside roaming terrestrials. Zodiacal light won't let us pass to Pluto.

Kirk or Picard send Scottie or Lafordge cause I could sure use that beam right about now. Neverwhere line thirteen, single leaf 190. Oh how I wish it were that easy.

Scorpion to Houston false emergency. Vivian and Scarlet have been reborn happily and I am returning to my native moon, who slipped from the liquid grip of Neptune.

Valedictory, my beloved Mercury. Mind switching creatures but saving false leader features

Cast my outline in lead
So sure you could save me
but I was wrong.